Business Writing Training (Online & In-Person, Denver Based)

Program Criteria Overviews

This practical program provides an overview refresher of English grammar, punctuation and spelling along with proofreading and composition tips and tricks.  Delivered in fast-paced, “blitz” style, the workshop covers the most common and high-value errors, focusing only on the information you need to sharpen your writing and avoid mistakes.

Our Business Writing Training Program

Good writing is good business. Every written document, whether it’s a simple email or lengthy report, has the potential to capture the attention of the reader and bring in new business. If it’s written poorly, it also has the power to discourage potential or even current customers and give your company a bad reputation. The ability to communicate is of paramount importance in today’s business world.
In our fast-paced marketplace, it is essential to improve the effectiveness of your business communication while reducing writing time. Whether it’s a brief internal email or a lengthy proposal to potential clients, Zoe’s advanced business writing programs will give you the skills and confidence you need to craft compelling and highly effective business documents!

These business writing courses are tailored to fit your needs. The goal is to take your team’s writing skills to the next level, accelerate business initiatives and increase performance. Our advanced business writing programs are designed for all levels — executives, management personnel and employees.

Business writing training represents some of our most in-demand training topics. Learn how Zoe Training & Consulting can turn your team into expert business writers. Sign your team up for a business writing course today.

What is Business Writing?

The definition of business writing is a style of writing that has a specific purpose, which is to evoke a response that is related to the business matter. It is designed to give readers the relevant information so that they can understand something or take a step to do something. Business writing can be anything from emails and memos to proposals, white papers, and reports. This type of writing provides important information that helps readers to know something or encourages them to do something. Therefore, the writing must be clear, substantive, accurate and easy to quickly scan for the main topics and points.

Business communication typically breaks down into the following types: informational, instructional, persuasive, and transactional. Whether it’s a formal piece of writing or more informal, the writing should be clear and succinct to have the greatest effect.