Learning Consultant & CLO of Zoe - Thomas Toth

" I think that you have to begin to look at people differently. It begins with how we look at the individuals that we partner with, whether we supervise them or they’re peers of ours, are we working the same organization together? "

- Author and CEO of Zoe Training and Consulting - David Aduddell
From the authorhour podcast interview of his book: "Breaking the Coaching Code"

STEP 2: Choose your Method of learning

Trainings & E-Learning in the Age of COVID-19:

With COVID-19 having changed the way we do business; many organizations are looking for a format for trainings that goes beyond traditional in-person training. To accommodate each organization’s unique needs, we’re proud to offer trainings in 4 formats:


Self-paced online courses without an instructor. Significantly more cost effective than traditional training, e-learning also provides valuable expert content that is relevant to today’s career and business objectives.


100% Virtual Learning

Interactive instructor-led online courses having the capability to ask real time questions and even chat live with other course mates.


Live In-Person Training

Keynote Speaker, or Instructor-led courses offered to a group at a chosen venue. Date and time scheduling are coordinated with an instructor or keynote speaker.


Blended Learning Solutions

Combines online courses with traditional classroom methods. Requires both instructor and student presence onsite, student has some control over time, place, path, or pace.


STEP 3: Choose your Type of learning

Online Training Courses

Significantly more cost effective than traditional training, e-learning also provides valuable expert content that is relevant to today’s career and business objectives. Zoe Training, in partnership with Powers Developmental Resources, delivers e-learning courses from CRKInteractive and Anderson-davis with a level of convenience, value and flexibility that makes obstacles to employee learning a thing of the past.

  • Online courses feature a high degree of interactivity utilizing multimedia that really engages adult learners
  • Courses can be used stand-alone or as part of a blended learning solution
  • Available 24/7 for initial learning or just-in-time skill refreshment
  • Includes interactive exercises, simulations, and assessment tools, including a pre- and post-test to measure knowledge acquisition

Also known as web conferencing, participants can get expert interactive seminars delivered right to their desktop using web-based technology. Using their web browser, Internet connection, and telephone, they can attend live webinar classes offered by Zoe’s online professionals. Interactive webinars allow participants to ask the presenter questions and get live, real-time answers.


Cost effective: Eliminate travel costs and lost productivity
Convenient and accessible: Reach a larger audience using readily available, cross-platform technology; also, webinars can be recorded and played back for attendees who are unable to attend the live presentation.
Value-based: Access leading-edge, comprehensive, and expert information
Engaging: Participants can interact with presenter for optimum learning

Sample Webinars include:

Fundamentals of Management

  • Module I: Setting Goals That Drive Results
  • Module II: Coaching to Influence Performance
  • Module III: Recognizing and Rewarding Performance

Tools for Building Workplace Partnerships

  • Module I: Skills to Manage Conflict While Maintaining Positive Relationships
  • Module II: Influencing and Selling Ideas to Others
  • Module III: Win/Win Negotiation Skills

Building High Performance Teams: Capitalizing on Your Strengths

  • Module I: Building a Great Foundation
  • Module II: Negotiating Executive Support for the Team
  • Module III: Building Relationships and Managing Challenging Team Members

The majority of our classroom-based workshops can be delivered in a Webinar format as a stand-alone session or as a series.