Group Facilitation Services (Online & In-Person, Denver Based)

With COVID-19 having changed the way we do business, many organizations are looking for a format for group facilitation services that goes beyond traditional in-person services.

Effective facilitation skills allow managers and leaders to produce desired outcomes and encourage and maintain group processes, team dynamics and synergy. These core competency skills serve to:

1. Keep meetings on task

Unfortunately, the meetings we participate in are usually boring and unproductive with few results, and end up with low collaboration and little or no commitment to decisions that are being made, resulting in poor implementation. Participants in our faciliation programs learn skills in observation and intervention, active listening, feedback, and effective questioning to keep the group on track; learn to apply process facilitation skills to a variety of situations; understand how to create a positive environment conducive to achieving stated goals and objectives; learn to utilize techniques to manage disagreement, diffuse difficult situations, and handle difficult participant behaviors; and understand how to utilize skills to maximize group involvement and bring groups to consensus.

2. Enable leaders to effectively design, lead, and facilitate all types of meetings

Today’s leaders realize that each member of the group has genuine wisdom and something important to contribute. They understand that their success depends on their ability to inspire and involve others. They have effective facilitation skills which are geared to creating an environment of openness, trust, and respect and maximizing participation and involvement in solving problems, making decisions, and creating action plans that impact employees.

3. Facilitate the strategic planning process

Create a clear plan that aligns your people and resources to think and respond strategically to changing situations.

4. Develop a cohesive board

When Board members take the time to clarify their roles how they will successfully work together and create alignment around the vision and goals, their boards are able to accomplish more and make a bigger difference within their organizations.

5. Facilitate conflict resolution

A neutral third-party group facilitator can help a group mediate their conflicts and come out stronger and more effective.

6. Build successful teams

Team building is a required skill for an organization to be successful. Often teams get created with little or no training and then wonder why things aren’t working. Team leaders and managers can learn how to assess their team’s effectiveness, improve contributions of their team members, foster group cohesion, make effective team decisions, and deal with difficult group dynamics and conflicts.

All of Zoe’s facilitation services and programs serve to teach participants how to manage group dynamics, create focused conversations, build consensus, enhance creativity, develop action plans that create commitment and results, and learn strategies to deal with a variety of situations and behaviors.

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