Make Your Mobile Messages Matter!

In 2019 the number of mobile subscriptions in the U.S. exceeded 450 million. Around the world it exceeded 8 billion (90% of the worlds population). Needless to say, we’re wired – well, make that wireless – while on the go. More than two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone, and they use it every day for Internet searches, to visit social media sites, and to gather information.

That means you and your business communications will be seen and read over cell phones, smartphones, or tablets. How do you make sure the messages matter for you and your company?

First, don’t worry about following every piece of advice you hear about mobile marketing, timing of messages and how to make your information stand out. There’s some great advice out there, but it can be overwhelming, especially for a technology that’s based on quick perusal of information – on the go – and on a small screen.
So, keep it simple. Be concise in your message but cover all the bases. That holds whether you’re replying to a client’s email or composing a marketing message for your mobile site.

If you’re sending a message, be descriptive in the subject line. Paste the contents of attachments for mobile messages when possible so your recipients won’t have to download and open separate files.

Finally, don’t compromise on your business writing standards when compiling mobile messages. Excellence still counts, and you should never be in such a hurry to compose or reply that you sink to sloppy writing.
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