Business Writing Blitz: Tackling Grammar, Punctuation & Common Errors (Online & In-Person, Denver Based)

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and use correct grammar and punctuation
  • Write clear, complete sentences
  • Adapt writing style to the appropriate audience and delivery media
  • Recognize frequently misused words
  • Eliminate common errors
Course Outline:

CHECK YOUR MIRRORS! A lot of this isn’t difficult, just tricky

  • “PROPER ENGLISH” vs. GOOD WRITING:  The business case for clear, concise writing…and why different circumstances dictate different rules
  • QUICKSAND WORDS: Common “problem” words and memory tricks for avoiding them
  • MORE QUICKSAND: Homophones and contractions
  • GRAMMAR GAFFES: Review of the relevant rules (and common mistakes) that arise in business writing
  • PUNCTUATION PROBLEMS:  Periods, commas, apostrophes and more
    • Business Documents: Style and Substance – This module centers on how to correctly and powerfully present letters, reports, emails, proposals, and PowerPoint presentations. The course addresses both the content and formatting of business documents.
    • Digital Communication: An overview of how to communicate clearly and appropriately through email. Includes an overview of effectively using social media in the professional world.
    • Half-day Style Session – This module centers on sharpening and organizing writing for different audiences and purposes. We focus on 5 C’s of good writing: that it is clear, compelling, consistent, correct and concise. The session includes an overview of when and how to use informal or formal writing. We will also cover how to structure and format the most common forms of business communication including emails, letters, and reports.

Course Length:

90 Minutes - Full Day