Zoe Training

Client Success Stories (Online & In-Person, Denver Based)

Distance Learning and Public Health Training Manager
“I call on Zoe when I’m on a short turnaround time frame, need multiple high quality responses to satisfy state regulations, and don’t have time to contact lots of vendors. I need one source that can meet a variety of training and consulting requests. Zoe has screened and interviewed the consultants so that my requirement for high-caliber professionals is met, saving me time while ensuring quality. I appreciate the customer service attitude of the highly professional staff and their tolerance when I can’t act quickly.”
General Manager EMS, Gillette, WY Operations
“When I checked into Zoe’s website two years ago I was looking for someone to help us with team building to address issues between departments whose members spent a lot of time in disagreement and lacked trust. A Zoe associate, Dr. David Dalke, has since provided training and consulting on a quarterly basis. He has also worked with teams in two other locations, facilitating several three-day supervision trainings to newly promoted and current lead supervisors. The teams now work together synergistically, and our employees are more productive, work better together, and enjoy their jobs. For us, David ‘walks on water!'”
Senior Human Resources Analyst Boulder County
"Our training program has used numerous trainers provided through Zoe since I began my position over 10 years ago. I have always been impressed with the high quality and professionalism of the trainers, the wide variety of topics their trainers can address, and the reliability and cooperation demonstrated by the Zoe staff to meet our needs at a reasonable price.”
Wellness, Safety and Training Manager Fort Collins Utilities, CO
“I’ve worked with Zoe Training and Consulting for many years. The staff is incredibly attentive and works to find the trainer that provides what I need. The trainers have always been terrific. I know that my training program is much richer because of my relationship with Zoe.“
June Ramos Zoe Trainer/Consultant
“Zoe ‘lives’ the concept of partnership. As a trainer/consultant, I am both a client and a potential competitor of Zoe. I use Zoe’s referral and marketing services because they make it simple for me—and they make it easy for the client/customer who is looking for training or consulting services. It’s a win/win all around.”
Conducting Effective Meetings participant La Plata County
“LOVED IT! It makes me feel fortunate to have these opportunities to learn about myself. It helped me realize I have a lot of these tools already but often don’t apply them as much as I should.”
Director of Training & Development and Human Resources Botsford General Hospital, MI
“Zoe matched our organization with a senior-level consultant to assist us with the development of a three-year management core curriculum; that consultant is a truly seasoned organizational development specialist and offered us a very focused approach. Her insights, ability to crystallize various viewpoints and provide us with a clear picture of our organizational climate and current challenges has been exemplary.”
Manager of Organizational Development BATC (Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation)
“The main reason I seek help from Zoe is that they save precious time. Their staff has already gone through the process of analyzing the skills of different trainers and consultants, knows their style and areas of expertise, and often has several options to choose from. I specifically choose Zoe now that we have an established relationship because of the quality of consultants and the customer service they provide.”
Vice President, Finance and Administration Downtown Denver Partnership
“Kari [Knutson] was a big hit with our team. Her session was energetic, interesting, and thought-provoking. I have heard nothing but good responses from our team members that attended.”
Compassion Fatigue workshop participant 2016 Colorado Court Employees Conference
“This was my favorite class of the conference. Kari [Knutson] is just an awesome presenter who keeps everyone focused and interested. She presents helpful information in a humorous manner.”
Gender Communications in the Workplace workshop participant 2016 Colorado Court Employees Conference
“Dr. [David] Knapp was a great presenter. He was very engaging. I have learned about body language and gender communications before via self directed book reading (years ago), and this course made all of that come alive! It also updated me on the most recent research regarding gender communication.”
2017 Finance & Accounting Team Retreat Organizer - World Bank
“The training on the DiSC was absolutely great. Tara [Powers] was wonderful and made a great presentation to the team. She kept us engaged right from the start to the end. We have learned a lot of a new tool and hope to benefit from it in our everyday work life. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Zoe Training.”