Thinking Like Einstein: Conflict in a New Light (Online & In-Person, Denver Based)

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify old thinking patterns around conflict that are not effective
  • Define and recognize self-imposed conflict management “rules” that prevent new, more positive behavior
  • Create better outcomes by changing thinking, rules, and behavior
  • Manage conflict to insure more positive outcomes for teams and individuals
  • Have a new respect for Einstein’s thinking and apply it to other areas of professional and personal lives
Course Outline:


  • The relationship between beliefs, behavior, and conflict
  • Beliefs create rules; what are “rules”?
  • Rules that keep conflict alive
  • Change the rules, change the “game,” change the outcome


  • Conflict as a teacher
  • Provides useful information that can be instrumental in creating positive change
  • Identifies unmet needs that are sources of conflict
  • Putting conflicts’ lessons into effect to prevent repetition of similar conflicts


  • Identifying roots of conflict
  • Clarifying the needs of an individual versus the needs of the situation
  • Negotiating needs
  • How to deal with differences between people, power, and objectives
  • “Stop,” “Drop” (old patterns), and “Roll” (with another plan)
  • Identifying options that provide flexibility to deal with conflict

Course Length:

1/2 Day - Full Day